Ex-General Director is arrested

Paraná TV Second Edition. Originally broadcasted on April 24th, 2010 (saturday).

April 25th, 2010 | Katia Brembatti, Karlos Kohlbach, James Alberti and Gabriel Tabatcheik

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The Special Acting Group for Organized Crime Combat (Gaeco) unleashed in this Saturday (24) the Ectoplasm I Operation, to accomplish nine search warrants and ten prisons of involved ones at Legislative Assembly of Paraná irregularities. Were arrested three ex House’s directors – Abib Miguel (general director), José Ary Nassiff (administrative director) and Claudio Marques da Silva (personal director) –, and more seven people. Nine prisons can happen this week.

The directors were removed after the beginning of the series reports “Secret Diaries”, of Gazeta do Povo and RPC TV, in last 15 of March. The warrants were dispatched by Aldear Sternardt judge, from the Police Inquiry Court of Curitiba, asked by the Public Ministry that founded the actions of crimes suspicions of gang formation for documents falsification, money wash and embezzlement (money deviation practiced by public employee). The judge ordered Justice secret for the hole process.

Ex strong man of Legislative Assembly, where worked since the eighties, Abib Miguel was arrested in his house of three floors and a strong security scheme, at Seminário neighborhood. Bibinho, as knew, went in a police vehicle to the Gaeco’s headquarters, in Curitiba. Left the house appearing tranquility. The officers collected from the local around of R$ 50 thousand in money, a paper crusher and crushed documents, beyond a computer. R$ 10 thousand were in the glove compartment of one the ex director cars.

The personal ex director Claudio Marques da Silva, in turn this, was arrested in blatant by illegal guns possession. The police found six guns in his apartment and munitions of restricted use by the army, beyond R$ 200 thousand in money, scattered in money places in the house. Marques said that drawned because of the divorce process of his wife. The third ex director removed and arrested yesterday is José Ary Nassiff, that was responsible for administrative area. He was the henchman of Bibinho and his partner of a stone company.


The prison search warrants were authorized of the justification to facilitate the investigation. The prisons are temporary, for 5 days, postponed for more five.

The others involved

Beyond the ex directors, were detained the employee of Assembly João Leal de Mattos and more six people from his family. Mattos linked to Bibinho and worked in Paraná’s Legislative for more than 20 years, in the general directory office. He is brother of the farmer Jermina Leal, who lives in a humble house of Cerro Azul city, is benefited by family social program and affirms that never worked in assembly.

At her’s account bank, also, the Assembly deposited R$ 380 thousand during almost five years. The account of Jermina’s daughter, Vanilda Leal, who lives in the same conditions near to her mother, received something around R$ 1,2 million in the period. Both of them were detained yesterday. Beyond them, were also arrested the sister in law (Nair Terezinha da Silva Schibicheski), the daughter (Priscila da Silva Mattos), the mother in law (Maria José da Silva) and the wife (Iara Rosane da Silva) of João Leal. The four women received from Assembly deposits that totalize R$ 4 million in period of five years.

According to the Gaeco’s coordinator for Pataná, Leonir Batisti prosecutor, the scheme turned public money by the Leal family, whom denied collaborating with the investigations.

The arrested ones didn’t give evidences on Saturday. Abib and Nassif, as they are lawyers, were transferred for a Major State room of Military Police. The other men would be carried for the “Centro de Triagem II” prision, in Piraquara city, and women for the “Centro de Triagem I” prision, in center of Curitiba.


Participate of Ectoplasm 1 operation around of 50 officers and prosecutors from six cities(Curitiba, Guaíra, Cascavel, Foz do Iguaçu, Guarapuava and Londrina). The prisons were done in Curitiba, in cities Curitiba and in state shore.

The 73 vehicles were in land owned by Bibinho’s gardener, Izidoro Vosilk. There are around 25 old collection cars, that will, for Justice, under temporary responsibility of Bibinho. The police wants to know from where became the money to buy the cars.


The involved lawyers were reached by the report, but didn’t want comment the prisons.

Public Ministry asks blocking of R$ 23 million

The Public Ministry of Paraná asked on Friday the blocking of R$ 23 million in goods from the removed director Abib Miguel (general director), José Ary Nassiff (administration) and Cláudio Marques da Silva (personal), beyond the administrative auxiliary João Leal de Mattos. The request from PM should be judged nest week by one of the Public Finance Courts of Curitiba. If the request is accepted by Justice, the involved goods will be unavailable. The R$ 23 million, according to PM, would be used to assure the return for public safes the money probably deviated in the irregular hiring of the farmers Jermina Maria Leal and Vanilda Leal.

Ahead the denunciation of “Secret Diaries” series, the Public Ministry opened 20 inquiries to collect the supposed irregularities.

One of the henchman of this investigation reached the administrative auxiliary João Leal Mattos, Jermina’s brother. He is employee of the House, placed in General Directory office. Vanilda was fired from administration office after the denunciations and Jermina was already exonerated last year.

Prisons happened 40 days after the denunciations beginning

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Reports showed the existence of secret acts at Assembly, suspicious of public money deviation and use of phantom employers. Nelson Justus is partner of Abib Miguel’s daughter, arrested yesterday.

The temporary prisons of ex directors of Legislative Assembly of Paraná happened 40 days after the beginning of the denunciations by “Secret Diaries” reports, of RPCTV and Gazeta do Povo. During almost two years, the journalists Karlos Kohlbach, Katia Brembatti, James Alberti e Gabriel Tabatchek analyzed more than 700 official diaries edited between 1998 and 31 of march of 2009. The investigation revealed the existence of 2.178 secret acts from legislative between January of 2006 and march of 2009. All published in separated official diaries, which served to hide nominations, demission and irregular payments.. In three years, 1,8 thousand employers were hired in this way.

Was comproved also the existence for, at least, two large nets of beneficiaries from Assembly. Dozens of employers linked in some way to the House’s president, Nelson Justus (DEM), and to the ex general director Abib Miguel won high salaries without work. Some don’t even live in Paraná, but were counted as Legislative employers. The remuneration of 73 people that won above the established for legislative represent R$ 59,6 million between 2004 and 2009.

In note, the Legislative Assembly says that will help with the investigations.

The Gazeta do Povo report tried to listen the president Nelson Justus (DEM) and the first secretary Alexandre Curi (PMDB). Justus phone number was turned off until this edition closing. Curi informed by Legislative Assembly assessor that would not say anything about the prisons. The Communicarion Assembly directory issued an official note, affirming: “The speed in information delivery [by the House] was essential for the Public Ministry follow with the investigations… the Legislative Assembly of Paraná State will continuous to accomplish its function and helping with the investigations”.

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