General Director requests his own dismissal

Paraná TV First Edition. Originally broadcasted on March 19th, 2010 (friday).

March 19th, 2010 | 19/03/2010  Karlos Kohlbach, Katia Brembatti, James Alberti and Gabriel Tabatcheik

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The general director of the Legislative Assembly of Parana, Abib Miguel, Bibinho, asked to leave his position until the investigation done by the Secret Diaries published by Gazeta do Povo during this week.

In a letter to the Assembly President, congressman Nelson Justus (DEM), Abib said that have interest in knowing the truth and denies the accusation – documents shows the using of public Money in private benefit, payment of large salaries, ghost workers and using of people to keep their money. Justus accepted the retirement solicitation. There is no substitute yet.

The decision to retire Bibinho, one of the strong man of the Assembly since the 80’s, left yesterday afternoon. During the whole day the mood was tense, with phone calls and meetings to decide Abib Miguel situation. Justus did not go there as he was preparing the wedding of one of his sons, but spent the day trying to solve the crisis by telephone.

Net of workers

Publication of Gazeta do Povo and RPCTV, based in more than 700 official diaries of the Assembly, reveled 20 workers net related to the fired general director. Some of them never showed up at the assembly, but received high paychecks. Part of them worked for Bibinho.

The notes reveled that the Assembly deposited salaries above the maximum allowed by Law to 73 people, in a total amount of R$ 59,6 million, from January 2004, to April 2009. Part of those people is related in some way to the fired general director.

The whole letter

Check out the resignation letter Abib Miguel wrote: “recent news published in the Parana’s media that involves me needs to be checked by this House of Law, in a clear and pure way, with no chance of me being part of it. My public career, irreproachable for many years, cannot be treated by speculations or misconceptions.

So I ask for my dismissing as general director of the Legislative Assembly of Parana, until the disclosure of the investigation when the truth will arise. I also make clear that I have great interest on it and pretending with the Assembly and the Public Ministry of Parana”.

Bibinho’s influence net involves more people

The influence net of the dismissed general director, Abib Miguel, Bibinho, involves more people than Gazeta do Povo and RPCTV was able to reveal until yesterday. In a building at Voluntarios da Patria in Downtown Curitiba, is the company Comércio de Pedra Britada Graciosa LTDA, which is owned by Abib Miguel, his brother Ehden Abib and José Ary Nassiff, the Administrative director of the Assembly.

In the same address there is a real estate Office where Daor Afonso Marins de Oliveira works and he is listed as commissioned employee of the Assembly in a list published in April 2009.

Without knowing that he was being recorded, he confirmed that he works at the real estate office and that he knows Abib Miguel well.

At the same time, Oliveira, is Eduardo José Gbur uncle, a taxi driver that, according to the reporters,  received 65 deposits from the assembly, in a total amount of R$ 1.2 million, between January 2004 and April 2009. Eduardo Gbur, which is listed as Assembly worker in 2009, admitted without knowing he was being recorded that he never showed up at the Assembly. He is a relative of Pierre Gbur, Alessandro Gbur and Clori Gbur – other people that received those large salaries from the Assembly.

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