Public Ministry invades the Assembly looking for documents

Paraná TV Second Edition. Originally broadcasted on May 8th, 2010 (saturday).

May 9th, 2010

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The Special Actuation Group of Crime Combat (Gaeco) promoted an inquest at Legislative Assembly in this Saturday morning, to find documents, and arrested the ex administrative director of the House, José Ary Nassiff, the graphics director from Assembly, Luis Carlos Monteiro, and more seven people. Another 13 was also being searched by Police until this edition closing.

The operation, titled “Ectoplasm II”, was immediately started after Justice expedited 24 prison orders of the ones involved in scandals of Assembly revealed by Gazeta do Povo and RPC TV in a series report titled Secret Diaries.

Beyond the other nine arrested this Saturday, another two was already arrested: the ex general director of Assembly, Abib Miguel and the ex personal director, Claudio Marques (see the complete board in this page). All of them are accused to participate of a public money deviation scheme, with the bank account loan to receive money from Assembly and use of phantom employers.

José Ary Nassiff should have accomplished a preventive prison order, also already followed to Military Police Headquarters, in Curitiba, where have been arrested but went out benefited by an habeas corpus concession.

In the same headquarters is already in prison the Legislative Assembly of Parana ex general director, Abib Miguel, knew as Bibinho, who returned to jail around 1h30 a.m. of this Friday, after remain only five hours in freedom.

His layers required with one more habeas corpus to try release him from jail, but the substitutive judge Lilian Romero, from 2nd Criminal Chamber of Parana’s Justice Court, asked more documents for releasing. But in this Saturday, the Justice approved on more preventive prison order against him.


Beyond the prison, prosecutors auditors from Public Ministry, with police officers support, also accomplished search warrants of documents as evidences of Assembly’s irregularities.

Part of this warrants was done inside of the own headquarters of Legislative Assembly. The Graphics Director of Assembly, Luis Carlos Monteiro, that was arrested in his own house, at Seminário neighborhood, was conducted to the Legislative Assembly to help in documents search.

The Public Ministry asked a truck to carry all the captured material. In other places were captured documents, computers and pen drives too.

Until this edition closing, the materials search was not finished yet.


Sources linked to investigation said the Public Ministry became surprised with the information leaking about the operation, what allowed that many suspects escaped. Now the Ministry wants to investigate how this happened.

The other side

The report searched, by telephone, the communication responsible of Assembly Directory, Alexandre Teixeira, and the House’s President, the congressman Nelson Justus (DEM). But nobody answered for the calls.

The arrested ones

The Gaeco from Public Ministry (PM) of Paraná accomplished 11 prison warrants of Ectoplasm 2 operation. But, two of them were against to ex directors already arrested (Abib Miguel and Cláudio Marques).

Abib Miguel

Ex general director from Legislative Assembly accused to mount a net of straw mans and phantom employers. The Justice received the denunciation from Public Ministry (PM) against him for gang formation, ideological falsity, money wash and to commit 1.182 times the crime of public money deviation. Was already arrested because PM believes that he can disturb the investigations.

Cláudio Marques da Silva

Ex personal director of Assembly. Would be one of the main collaborators of Abib Miguel and responsible to make the irregular hires. The Justice received the PM denunciation against him by gang formation, money wash, and ideological falsity and to collaborate with the public money deviation scheme. He got a habeas corpus from prison ordered two weeks ado, but remained arrested because was also detained with illegal’s gun portage.

Clori Oliveira Gbur

Sister of Daor Oliveira, realtor, Assembly’s employee and Abib’s friend for 35 years. Clori received R$ 1,1 million with some salaries around R$ 35 thousand. Her hiring appears in General Directory, leaded previously by Abib, but her name is not in the public employers list.

Pierre José Gbur

Clori’s son, appears as general directory employee of Assembly, leaded by Abib. An account in his name received deposits of R$ 1,28 million. But he affirms that never received this money and neither worked in the House.

Glaucinele Souza Gbur

Pierre Gbur’s wife. She is employee of Assembly and appears in the House’s Transparency list, but never worked there.

Eduardo José Gbur

Taxi driver, nephew of Daor Oliveira. Received more than R$ 1,2 million in 35 deposits, but assures that never worked in Assembly.

José Ary Nassiff

Ex administrative director of Assembly and henchman of Abib Miguel. Nassif was also partner of the ex general director. Under his charge, the administrative directory was the second department that made more hiring in House with 149 employers.

The Justice received the denunciation from Public Ministry against him for nine crimes.

José Devanir Bordignon

Was employee from Assembly’s General Directory, leaded by Abib. He joined to the Voluntary Demission Program (VDP), in January of 2001, but returned to receive money from the House in September, even that doesn’t exist any record of your rehiring. From 2004 to 2009, the total of deposits is around 1,2 million.

Luis Carlos Monteiro

Graphics Director of Assembly. Is responsible for all official diaries printing of the House. The Legislative Assembly of Parana omitted 2.178 acts in January of 2006 until 31 of march of 2009.

Viviane Bastos Pequeno

Daughter of Douglas Bastos Pequeno, Abib’s counter. She could be House’s employee, but never served there. Her father was exonerated from Assembly in 2007, but received deposits in January, February and April of 2009, despite his name doesn’t be in employers list.

Derci Aparecida Schmitt

According to a PM source she was linked to Bastos Pequeno family.

Assembly doesn’t manifest its opinion about director’s removal

The Legislative Assembly doesn’t officially pronounced about the removal order of the new director of Personal, Antônio Carlos Gulbino. The Public Ministry (PM) followed a document on Friday to the Assembly’s president, the congressman Nelson Justus (DEM), requiring the Gulbino removal from charge accused to mount the security warrant of the Union of Employers of Legislative Assembly’s of Paraná (Sindilegis).

On friday, the Communications Directory informed that Justus still didn’t receive the removal order from PM. Yesterday, the report contacted again the Communication Directory, but nobody was reached.

A decision from Justice Court accepted the security warrant from Sindilegis and stopped that the financial data from Legislative employers was given to the prosecutors. But, the interim president of Union, Diva Scaramella Ogibowski, said to PM that Gulbino delivered a power of attorney that she could sign, and she said that was “used and tricked” by him. The Sindilegis president is the ex general director, Abib Miguel, arrested to commit 1.182 times the crime of public money deviation. The prosecutors argue that Gulbino was creating difficulties to access the House’s payment checks.

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