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Paraná TV First Edition. Originally broadcasted on March 17th, 2010 (wednesday).

March 18th, 2010 | Karlos Kohlbach, Katia Brembatti, James Alberti e Gabriel Tabatcheik

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The general-director of Legislative Assembly of Parana, Abib Miguel, must be removed from this function as soon as possible to avoid a possible interference in investigations from Public Ministry with evidences destruction or data manipulation about the denunciations done yesterday by Gazeta do Povo and RPCTV. This is the position of Operational Support Center from Prosecutions of Public Patrimony Protection (Caop) from Curitiba, according to the group coordinator, the prosecutor Arion Rolim Pereira. He affirmed that already consider to go to Justice to require Abib’s removal, if the direction of Assembly don’t take this decision by its own initiative.

Bibinho, as is knew in politics environment, is responsible by the Legislative administration and had at least 20 hired benefited persons by Legislative Assembly between 2004 and 2009. In this period, this group of people received R$ 11,2 thousand in 624 deposits, with average of R$ 18 thousand in each money movement. Between the benefited ones are the Abib’s gardener, Izidoro Vosilk, of 82 years old(R$ 192 thousand) and his counter, Douglas Bastos Pequeno, that received money even living at São João d’Aliança (state of Goias).

Yesterday, the general procurator from Parana’s Public Ministry, Olympio Sá Sotto Maior, informed that have reinforce the investigation group from Caop, composed by six prosecutors and one procurator. “Possibly, I will move prosecutors from other areas to act there too”. I kind of “task-force” is being organized inside of Caop to follow the recent denunciations against the assembly. All six prosecutors will focus the next days to investigate the State Legislative, leaving the other public areas “waiting”.

Currently, there is 800 procedures in investigations at caop, 200 of them involving the Assembly and, conform the institution, already exist 11 civil actions and 5 criminal actions in Justice about money deviation and conduct inside the assembly. The procurator and coordinator from Caop, Arion Rolim Pereira, explained that one of the difficulties of Public Ministry investigations is get information inside the Legislative Assembly, misplaced by the own general director, Abib Miguel. 

Parties ask strict denunciations collection 

Two political parties – PPS and PCdoB – ask the involved removal in denunciation of the irregularities in Legislative Assembly of Parana done by Gazeta do Povo and RPC TV since Monday. In note, the two parties defended even the strict collection about separate Official Diaries, without order or number, used to hide and manipulate the payment of salaries and employers nominations, for example.
The Social Popular Party (PPS) also said that the moment can serve to improve the administrative and political practices by Parana’s Legislative. “The denunciations are opportunities to parliament show autonomy and compromises with Parana’s people”, affirms the note.
But the Brazilian Comunist Party (PCdoB) raises suspicions about the credibility of the director group of Assembly. “Because of this, we defend that constitute a Multi Parties Commission representative of the State Political spectrum, to do a follow-up of the opened inquest by Legislative Assembly group”.

Scandals generate protests and movements in twitter 

The report series “Secret Diaries” from Gazeta do Povo newspaper and RPCTV with denunciations of secret acts existence and phantom employers at Legislative Assembly of Parana moved hundreds of users of microblog Twitter. Since Tuesday (16), when the stories started to be showed, hundreds of internet users also twited the series report. In a quick search, this Wednesday (17), was possible to find more than six pages of comments where is showed the expression “secretdiaries”.
Another tweet that appeared with denunciations publication and was dispersed by the microblog is “forajustus” (outjustus). With this, the twiters criticize the positioning of the Assembly’s President, the congressman Nelson Justus (DEM) and ask his removal from the House leadership. Until the beginning of this night of Wednesday had more than 20 pages with the slogan. The phenomenon is similar to one that appeared with the publication of corruption scandals in senate. The expression “forasarney” (outsarney) became one of the most commented in the site.

In middle of anonymous, some public persons also used to tool to show their indignity. The federal congressman Rosinha (PT) was one that asked the denunciations collection and the removal of Justus by twiter. “Directors of Legislative Assembly and holders (ex also) of key functions of Executive Group must be target of Police. #ForaJustus”, published.

An user proposed a flashmob creation, movement of persons idealized by internet that results in a act at a public place. Others used humor as tool to criticize the involved ones. “Don’t exist anymore the time that #diariosSecretos were only copybooks that my sister hidden from my father in closets’ drawer”, published a user.

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