Students protest to ask for investigations

March 22nd, 2010

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The dissatisfaction with the irregular situation of the Legislative Assembly of Parana denunciated by Gazeta do Povo and RPCTV, will fill the streets tomorrow. At least this is the intention of the student movement of the state. The Parana Students Union (UPE) and the Parana High School Students Union (Upes) have promised to do a manifestation, starting on 1:30PM, in front of the Assembly, in the Civic Center of Curitiba.

“We are talking with other social movements to see if they adhere. But the student movement is closed in this issue” said Camilo Vanni, general secretary of the UPE.

They have said that they will not tolerate the irresponsibility of not denunciating e punishing all the involved in the Assembly secret diaries scandal. Both entities demand that the measures that guarantee the total transparency of all publications and documents of the Parana Legislative.

“We are mad to know that the agriculturist, workers that do not have the possibility to guaranty their food, lives with less than a minimum salary, where used in a millionaire fraud scheme” said a note sent by the student movement. The text refers to the agriculturist Jermina Maria Leal da Silva and Vanilda Leal, who lives in Cerro Azul, 100 kms from Curitiba. Both of them live in humble wood houses and receives government subsidy to live. But, received R$ 1.6 million in payments from the Assembly in five years. They affirm they have never seen the money.


In parallel to the student’s movement, the CUT (Workers Central) is also thinking of doing a protest in the Civic Center asking for investigation on the denunciations. “We’ll meet to decide. But there is a possibility of doing a manifestation on March 29th, Curitiba’s birthday”, said the general secretary of CUT, Marisa Stedile.

According to her, only with a Public Ministry investigation, the people will have answers. “According to our point of view, de investigation commission of the Assembly does not have any exemption to clarify the denunciation.”

Entities of civil society manifest

Diverse entities of the civil society of Parana are showing they support to the need of investigation of the irregular situation at the Assembly. The president of the Lawyers Brazilian Order in Parana (OAB-PR), José Lucio Glomb, gave a requirement to the general Justice attorney, Olympio de Sá Sotto Maior Neto, asking for action.

The OAB says that the publications “show strong evidence of crime, leads to the possibility of the constitutional advertising principles violation, the administrative legality and morality”.

The president of the Commercial Association of Parana (ACP), Avani Slomp Rodrigues, expects that the investigation of the Public Ministry shows the responsible for the irregular situation. “It is our duty, as citizens, to demand for this. It is time to check the usage of our Money, of our taxes”.

The president of the Industry Federation of Parana (Fiep), Rodrigo da Rocha Loures, says that he expect for the investigation of all the denunciation arisen by Gazeta do Povo and RPCTV. “I hope this case will be useful to modernize the administration of the public organization, as the Assembly”.

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