“Until the White House publishes the employers’ placement”

Paraná TV First Edition. Originally broadcasted on March 18th, 2010 (thursday).

March 20th, 2010 | Karlos Kohlbach, Katia Brembatti, James Alberti e Gabriel Tabatcheik

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Even with the extreme concern with safety, the United States government, differently from the Legislative Assembly of Paraná, publishes in internet the salaries values and work place from White House employers, in Washington – even the direct assessors from president Barack Obama. This proves that is possible to be transparent, consider the coordinator from non-governmental organization “Contas Abertas”(Open Accounts), Gil Castello Branco. The Open Counts supervises the public spends in Brazil.

According to him, is more than just that the contributors know where are being applied the resources destined to cost legislative activities and the payment from Assembly. And this includes to know, for example, how many employers work in each office and each Assembly’s area – something that is not available for Paraná’s people and that the Gazeta do Povo and RPCTV report could get after doing a detailed job of information crossing from 700 official diaries

“The measurement taken by direction [of Assembly], to announce a reset [of employers], is necessary in this moment. But it remains being absurd. Which could be the next step? Put an announcement in newspaper looking for employers?” question Castello Branco.

He says that is insufficient that the Assembly publishes the employers list once a year. “The technology is here, available, and the update [of employers list] could be done even in real time. But once a week would be good”.

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