Katia Brembatti, 32, was born in Cascavel and is married to the journalist Regis Rieger. They have two kids: Henrique and Luiza. Katia is a Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa (UEPG) undergraduate. She started working as a reporter and politics columnist for Jornal da Manhã, in Ponta Grossa. She has worked as a reporter for Gazeta do Povo for seven years and is now getting her master’s in Applied Social Sciences. In 2008, she was awarded with the Brazilian Magistrates Association in the Sothern Region Journalism Award for her reportage about illegalities in the system for Chief Judges’s promotion in the Court of the State of Parana.

James Alberti was born in Jardinópolis, in the State of Santa Catarina in 1971. He is a Universidade do Vale do Itajaí – Univali – undergraduate in Journalism at and a post-graduate degree in Audiovisual Communications (PUC-PR), and also another post-graduate in Documentaries (Universidade Curitiba). He started working as a reporter for the weekly O Município, in Brusque. He also worked as a reporter for A Notícia, in Joinville, and for Folha de Londrina, in Curitiba. He’s been a producer at RPC-TV, a Rede Globo branch in the State of Paraná, for ten years. He works in the production and filming of news for national news broadcasting on TV Globo.

Gabriel Tabatcheik, 28, was born in Coronel Vivida, in the State of Paraná, and is an Universidade Positivo undergraduate in Journalism. He is obtaining a post-graduate degree in Political Sociology and also just started the Law school, both at Universidade Federal do Paraná. He worked in 2002 for Diario do Povo, from Pato Branco City, and for TV Educativa do Paraná in 2005. He has worked for RPC TV, a TV Globo branch in the State of Parana, since 2008.

Karlos Kohlbach was born in 1979 in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, but moved to Rio de Janeiro when he was 1 year old. In 2000, he moved to Curitiba, where he obtained an undergraduate degree in Journalism at Universidade Tuiuti do Paraná. Currently, he is a Universidade Federal do Paraná post-graduate in Political Communications. His first job was at TV Educativa do Paraná. He has worked as a political journalist for Gazeta do Povo for eight years.

All of the journalists give lectures at universities to Journalism students, and also in investigative Journalism events. The four of them were awarded in 2010 with Grande Prêmio Esso de Jornalismo Award and Prêmio Tim Lopes for Investigative Journalism award.

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