The database

Inside the Secret Diaries
Tutorial – How to use the database

The database has four types of search:

Search by name – Just enter the employee’s name or partial name clicking on the “search” key. A list of names that match will appear. Then just click on the chosen name and check the records of each employee.

Search by personnel – The user may select an office through a list. By choosing the personnel and clicking on “search” it will display a list of names. These are the members of the assembly that already had registration at the office in question. Clicking on a name, there’s the record of the member according to the official gazette consulted  by this article.

Search by diary – You can also see that members are quoted in a specific diary. Simply select the diary in question on the menu and click on “search”. Then it will appear a sequence of names that are mentioned in the document. Next is selecting the name, member’s access history and check his actions. Remember that only 209 of the 526 published journals published between January 2006 and March 2009 are on the list, which are the issues that published the actions of members.

Search by act – The search can also be achieved through the act or directive. Go to the menu, select the act or directive wanted and click “search.” Clicking on the number of the act or directive, you will be directed to the incident record. It is worth emphasizing that the acts are listed in numerical and ascending order, but that 2,178 of them were not released by the Assembly in any of the diaries checked by the article. So the sequence has a few “jumps”. Those missing were named “secret acts.” You can also check the list of all acts and know which one is secret or not. Download this list by clicking here.

More information

Filter by type – There are several “types” of actions. Designations, dismissals, retirements, statements … If you want to view, for example, only the hiring’s made by the assembly, then you must select the filter by designations and then perform a search of one of the four types explained above. If you want to know just who appears in the list of transparency, then you should select an act of this nature and then use the search system.

Downloading the official gazettes – It is possible to download the pages of the official gazette of the assembly that shows actions of members. They are in *. pdf format. Simply perform a search, as above, and enter in the server form. Each event has an icon. Clicking on it you can see the page of the official gazette in which  appears the act in question.

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