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Paraná TV First Edition. Originally broadcasted on March 22rd, 2010 (monday).

March 22nd, 2010 | Karlos Kohlbach, Katia Brembatti, James Alberti and Gabriel Tabatcheik

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The hiring rhythm on the Legislative Assembly of Parana was very quick between 2006 and 2008. During those three years, 1846 people where hired no need of official examination. Is like the Assembly was hiring two people per day, during this time. All these nominations are in the almost 700 official diaries to which Gazeta do Povo and RPCTV had access.

However, this accelerated rhythm, had an interruption. According to documents reached by the reporters, nobody was fired between January 1st and March 31st, 2009 – just before the workers list was published. The first time the Assembly published the list of workers was on April 1st last year. At the time it was called as “transparency list”.

The exoneration number between 2006 and 2008 was high as well – 1.084. Even then the hiring balance stayed positive: the Assembly increased its personnel list in 762 workers during that period. That means that in only three years, they hired 31% of the workers they officially have (2.457).

The same happened with firing, it decreased drastically in the first six months of 2009: only one person was fired. The balance of workers stayed positive in 762 people then.

Champion Offices

Between 2006 and 2008, the offices that more hired people were the most prestigious of the Assembly: the presidency, the first secretary and the administration office. This three departments named together 524 people. That means that out of 10 people hired by the Assembly, three were destined to these offices.

The first secretary – in charge of the administration of the House – was the nomination Champion: 192 during that period. The present first secretary, Alexandre Curi (PMDB), is in charge since 2007. Before him, Nereu Moura, also from PMDB, was in charge.
Between 2006 and 2008, only 30 people were fired by the first secretary – a positive balance of 162 available workers. This amount is much higher than established by the rule n.º 16.390/2010, which got into effect last week. As for the new rule, the first secretary would be able to have only 14 positions in commission.

In second place in quantity of hiring is the administration office, managed by José Ary Nassiff. Where 177 hiring and only 28 firing during that period, what results in 149 additional workers – besides those that were already in that department before 2006 and have the position until now. The new rule that restructure the personnel table of the Assembly, allows a greater number of workers for the administration section: 360 people.

The third sector that had the largest hiring between 2006 and 2008 was the presidency office, which in 2006 was ruled by Hermas Brandão (at the time in PSDB) and since 2007 passed to Nelson Justus (DEM).

During those three years, 155 people were hired to work in that office and 31 were hired. The balance shows that there are at least 124 workers available. This quantity is almost tem times the determined by the new Law that restructured the Assembly: the presidency can have only 15 positions.

The reporters went to see Nereu Moura and he did not believe that the section reached 100 workers. “There were 10 to 12 people. But he admitted that many times he authorized the hiring of servers for the first secretary, who did not in fact work there. “If the general director [Abib Miguel] needed someone, he invited the person making us sign [the hiring].”

Despite of authorizing the hiring of workers that would not work in the first secretary, the hired employees did work in fact. “but where? Was impossible to know” he admitted. He also said that on the contrary of the workers nominated for the parliamentary offices, who many time work out, the first secretary workers are supposed to work inside the Assembly as is an administrative department and not political.

The congressman, Alexandre Curi, who is presently in charge of the first secretary, did not want to comment on the fact. The administrative director, José Ary Nassiff, informed that would not be able to answer for an interview without an authorization of the presidency. And congressman Nelson Justus did not want to talk on the issue.

Champion Congressmen

The survey Gazeta do Povo and RPCTV did shows that between 2006 and 2008, the parliamentary that had the highest number of hiring were Nereu Moura (PMDB), Luiz Fernandes Litro (PSDB) and Ênio Verri (PT). Nereu Moura nominated 48 people.

Fernandes Litro 44 and Verri 38. Those who more exonerated people where, Neivo Beraldin (PDT), 74; the former congressman Geraldo Cartário (PMDB), 63; and Luiz Fernandes Litro, 47.

In this routine of the Assembly, four people highlights by the quantity of times that where hired and fired. In three years Cristiano Hotz, Rodrigo Soppa, Sergio Furquim Filho and Suelena Terezinha Piekarski Claudinho where hired each one of them three times and fired two. Out of these, only the lawyer Cristiano Hotz is in fact in the workers list released in April last year. The other could be fired. But, if that did happened, was by extra diaries not numbered and to which the reporters did not have Access.

Administration Office hired 81 people in one day

In only one day, February 1st, 2007, the Legislative Assembly nominated 81 people for commissioned positions related to the administration office. The area is in charge of José Ary Nassiff, who has been in this same position since 1983.

Nassiff is one of the participants of the Special Commission of Fitting and Reregistering of Workers at the Legislative Assembly, created on last day 11 by the president Nelson Justus. The creation of this Commission was published in the same day Gazeta do Povo and RPCTV started asking about the workers structure of the Assembly, based on the 700 official diaries they had access.

Out of the 81 nominations done in February 1st, 2007, 10% helped state congressman’s relatives. Zenita Maria Ilkiv, Pedro Ivo Ilkiv (PT) mother, was hired by the administration office. Also hired that day was Alan Von Holleben, Péricles de Mello (PT) cousin; and Elcio Antonio Strapasson, Everton Seccon Strapasson and José Renato Strapasson, relatives of Edson Strapasson (PMDB). The children of Ademir Bier (PMDB) – Fernanda Fabíola and Luís Henrique Bier – are also in that list.

The hiring of several dozens of people is not in deed an illegal act. What arises is the number of nominations in only one day without having a drastic cut out of personnel. At least, that is what the official diaries of the Assembly show on former months. The documents show that, during whole 2006, only two people were fired from the administration office. On the next year, were 16 people fired – but al of them after April.

The Assembly administrative director, José Ary Nassiff, was asked on these hiring but he informed that would only talk if the president of the Assembly, Congressman Nelson Justus, authorized.

Congressman had 59 employees

Congressman, Neivo Beraldin (PDT) fired 53 workers in one day. An edition of the official diary of October 2006 shows that after these firing, rested only six employees to Beraldin. That means that his office was stuffed with people until August 2006, 59 people.

The mass dismissal done by Beraldin happened a few days after he was not re-elected in October 2006 – he stayed as substitute. He went back to the Assembly in May 2009, to take Carlos Simões place, who was pursued.

Beraldin declared that do not remember exactly how many workers he had at the time. “I believe there were not 50 people working there.” During the Banestado investigation he hired 17 people but never reached 50.

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